MID & MID Manual

This is the Multidimensional Inventory of Dissociation, or ‘MID’. Clinical use of the MID is incomplete without conducting a thorough follow-up interview to clarify symptom features.  Used in this way, the MID can most fully support clarity in diagnosis and treatment planning.

The MID is available in two versions: Adult (appropriate for those with a 7th grade or higher reading level, and available in a variety of languages) and adolescent (which uses less formal language, but available only in English).

All documents are in .pdf format unless otherwise noted. Choose your preferred format below:

MID – Adult Version (English)

The ‘Original’ version of the current iteration of the MID first appeared in Appendix 3 of the book Rebuilding Shattered Lives, Second Edition (Chu, 2011) with an introduction that would not be necessary for a test-taker to read. It is included here for archival and informational purposes.

The ‘Reformatted’ version does not contain all of the introductory text that the ‘Original’ version does, but it still requires that the test-taker circle their responses to each question.

The MS Word version resembles the Questions tab on MID Analysis and allows for handwritten number, rather than circled, responses. This version tends to allow for easier transfer to the MID Analysis Questions worksheet. PLEASE NOTE: If you are browsing via a PC or a mobile device, you must ‘Save as…’, then open this document via MS Word (or other word processing program) to enter data, rather than simply opening it via the site and entering data directly into it. Otherwise, you risk losing the data you’ve entered.

MID – Adult Version (Non-English*)

*To date, only the English and Hebrew MIDs are validated/normed. All other versions are offered here for your convenience.

MID – Adolescent Version

Adolescent MID (English)

An Interpretive Manual for the Multidimensional Inventory of Dissociation, 3rd Edition (Released May 2020)

The Interpretive Manual, 3rd Edition, which accompanies the newly-related MID Analysis v5.0, is designed both to provide basic instructions for administering and scoring the MID and to address most questions clinicians and researchers may have about what the items, scales, etc., mean. New and seasoned professionals will benefit from reading this manual and applying informed interpretation of each client’s scores to identify which items and scales to clarify in the follow-up interview.  It is an essential resource in learning how to use the MID and MID Analysis v5.0.

Please be aware that the Interpretive Manual is a large file, so it may take a few moments to download/fully load in your browser.

Directions for Completing the MID at Home

There may be instances when a client cannot, for some reason, complete the MID in your office. If that is the case, we have created a convenient one-sheet set of directions for your client to ensure that you  get reliable results.